VeloBond: The prefix “Velo” rhymes with “yellow.” It is a latin term meaning fast, like velocity. We chose this name to represent what our core products do – they “bond fast!”

Besides having fun selecting a company name, we have many years of experience developing custom polyurea joint fillers and concrete slab repair products that work great with custom colors that match.

One of our founders developed and sold a successful business in the polymer concrete industry and is instrumental in developing VeloBond. He looks at VeloBond’s products with a fresh set of eyes and led the design of our tankless polyurea pump along with many automated applications for faster and more efficient processes at the VeloBond plant.

The other founder started in this industry in early 1998 going to job sites and warehouses refining formulations with the help and expertise of the chemists he worked with at the time. He worked with and listened to the needs of many contractors over the years to see and learn what was important to them and continues doing this today. He individually developed a private label program for many customers with branding of all containers, data and SDS documents.

Our color formulators comprise of three individuals with a combined experience of well over 20 years. Combined, they have made thousands of precise formulations. Formulas are made with the naked eye, not a computer, because chemicals react and cure with heat which can alter the final color that a computer cannot anticipate.

We also work with outside vendors to continually help us to develop new tooling, specific parts for our polyurea pumps and to expertly modify and optimize our designs and requirements.

VeloBond has all products tested by licensed independent 3rd party testing companies in order to have their test reports available to our customers to verify our data sheet information is true. This is a great tool for you and/or your consultants to provide to building owners, developers, GC’s and architects. Products from other vendors should also have 3rd party test reports available. Testing companies should use the same liquids for all tests of specific products.

In addition to our core products listed on this website, we are also working on other unrelated markets that give us as much enjoyment.

Thank you for reading about us and we look forward to hearing from you.


VeloBond is an innovative manufacturer of floor repair and maintenance products, including machinery, mostly for the benefit of concrete polishing and joint fill companies. We provide easy to use, tried and true products, which allow end users the tools and products to work more efficiently, with less effort and great results.

  • Custom color matching experts on staff with over 20 years combined experience

  • Unique pump for joint filling, unlike others on the market, requiring less maintenance and creating less waste from cleaning when compared to other pumps

  • State of the art manufacturing equipment ensures quality products

  • Private labeling offerings on all products

  • 3rd party testing on product offering to validate claims on our data sheets