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VeloBond offers the highest quality joint fillers and concrete repair products on the market. Our team seeks to innovate and streamline this industry offering 30 years experience and specializing in custom color tinting to best match specific color needs.


VeloBond believes in resolving real life issues within the concrete flooring industry using the best applications using our specially formulated joint fillers, concrete repair products, grout coats, customized accessories, color matching and tooling


The VeloBond team is eager to help your team resolve the practical concerns of material handling, preparation and application, and work with customers to innovate and develop new processes to address real life challenges. VeloBond works with you as your partner, and supplier!


We make products, mainly for commercial contractors that specialize in concrete floors. However, homeowners, facility maintenance personnel, distributors and others buy our products.


We have been using Velobond for many years now and are truly happy with the product and the customer service we receive. Velobond allows us to call and speak with the people actually in charge of making the product so we are able to make little changes when needed. It’s very nice knowing your not just another number when you call, they know you and take time to get to know you if you’re a first-time caller. Doug is extremely polite and helpful any time you call him and has gone out of his way to personalize our product so we can call it our own. Thanks so much Doug & Greg.

Large commercial concrete flooring contractor in Canada

I want to say that the company Velobond is like a breath of fresh air. They are not a high- pressure sales company. They are extremely tentative to their customer’s needs. We have used their VELO-85 floor joint filler, and it has become our go to joint filler. Its very user friendly, shaves clean (does not need to be heated to shave). We also have one of their battery-operated pumps and its compact, simple, quiet, smooth operating, if you have any questions or concerns, they are always available to talk you threw it. Their prices are very competitive with fast service and fast turnaround times.

Large commercial painting and joint filling contractor for over 20 years

As one of the top concrete repair restoration companies in the country, we use Velo Bond exclusively for our repairs. Excellent product and great customer service.

Large commercial flooring contractor for over 20 years



Our State-of-the-Art equipment enables us to properly control variables when batching our formulations. We combine several raw chemicals together with heat and vacuum, and lower the heat from chemical reactions until the formulations are completely homogenous. Compressed nitrogen is used to protect all chemicals from oxidation during these processes and when filling totes, drums and finally the containers for end users.

We design and fabricate our own polyurea pumps and strive to meet tight tolerances, precision weldments, flawless finishes, using fewer parts including powder coated frames with customer colors and branding. Logos are downloaded, printed on colored vinyl labeling, laser cut, applied to backing tape, expertly aligned and installed on the frames.

All parts on our machines are sourced, installed to be protected, tightly fitted to use minimal space with ease of access for removal or replacement, and for optimal performance.

Our CNC fabricator works with us to design State-of- the-Art parts for our pumps and tooling which includes scraper heads, handle and nozzle manifolds, manifold nuts and night caps.

When filling smaller vessels such as buckets and cartridges, we have automated our lidding and filling processes for optimal efficiency and a healthy workplace environment!

All end use containers have custom made GHS compliant labels that are both smear proof and tear proof for protection against the elements and in case they need to be identified by anyone, especially safety personnel. The labels are designed in house and we offer private labeling of our products which we started doing close to 20 years ago which includes the packaged products, labels, data and SDS.


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